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Book review #6: You and Me on Vacation

Book review: You and Me on Vacation by Emily Henry

Rating: 3/5 ⭐⭐⭐

🌸 short & cute
🌸 slightly frustrating back & forth
🌸 perfect 10% to the end, wish it was expanded more!

It’s been awhile since I finished this (and by “awhile” I mean, maybe 2 weeks). It was a sweet and quick read, I think I finished this within 2-3 days. I must admit, I found myself smiling a lot as I was reading this. It’s nice and cute. 

Unfortunately, I absolutely hated the back and forth (okay, ‘hate’ might be too strong a word for how I felt, so perhaps ‘disliked’?).

Do we have to go through the ALL the summers they went on holiday together? Like, REALLY??

By chapter fifteen when it was going back to ‘8 summers ago’ I was like for god sake. I really don’t care what happened eight years ago, especially not in that detail. 

The holidays are nice and what people do on a trip is fun but not when the whole book is about all the 10 or however many trips they took. 

But then, I was also VERY into the current summer trip, so instead of shelving this, I skimmed as fast I can through the past summer trips so as to not miss anything important.

Thankfully after chapter 24, the writer relaxed on the flashbacks. I honestly enjoyed the book the most after chapter 32, when she started questioning everything. She’s worked so hard for all the things she’d accomplished and then started asking ‘what now?’. Yes, that’s when I loved the book the most but it was cut short by the ending :(. I wish the writer focused more on this part instead of all the previous summers because it was just starting to get good for me!

Anyone else read this yet? How did you find it? Say hi and let me know in the comments below!

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