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Dear lovely readers!

How’s everyone doing this week? I’ve had a crazy busy set of night shifts last week which I’m using as an excuse for the delay in writing up this review. I spent the weekend trying to recover my energy and will to continue living. Somehow it’s already Monday and here I am trying to sort everything out in a day before I go back to work tomorrow. Anyone else like this? Where resting means 1-2 days of doing nothing, not just 1-2 hours of inactivity.

Anyway, let’s just dive right in.

Book review: The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley

Format: ebook 

Rating: 4/5 ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

This is the second book from Lucy Foley that I’ve read, the first being The Guest List (I’m sure you’ve heard of this very popular book but if you haven’t, then you should consider the audiobook version. I listened to it on Audible – and boy, what a treat! Rather than a narrated book, it was more like a play/ audio theatre – that’s how good the narrators complement the story!).

Now, back to The Hunting Party: Miranda, Katie, Samira, Mark, Giles and Julien have been good friends since their student days at Oxford. They meet up again to celebrate New Years eve together, a tradition that was started years ago. Emma, the latest one to the group (Mark’s girlfriend) planned this amazing getaway somewhere remote in the Scottish highlands. It all started well, everyone in high spirits but you can tell their actions were restrained, trying hard to be their best selves. Soon, all the hidden resentments starts to surface.. slowly. As if being isolated isn’t enough, a blizzard hits and they get snowed in. On New Year’s day, someone was found dead.

I was very confused reading this in the beginning because of the multiple POVs and the back and forth between the past and present. As I get to know the characters soon enough, it all starts falling into place. 

I absolutely adore the setting of this story – an isolated, idyllic estate in the Scottish Highlands?? YES! Love all the vivid descriptions that I can totally imagine what a beaut this place is. Like, I can go stay there please?!

Story wise, I think I love this a tiny bit more than The Guest List. The characters were all very unlikable which is new, for me at least. I kind of guessed who gets killed but I also feel like any of the other characters can die too and it’ll be justifiable. These annoyingly superfluous people are hard to relate to but real nonetheless. I find it very entertaining that everyone is a potential suspect and victim. There are a few directions the writer could take and it’s very exciting to guess and read what she (the writer) decided. For someone who hates slow burn, this feels fast enough for me. Each to their own but this is a good one for me! My only regret is not listening to this as an audiobook!! 

Let me know if you’ve read this in the comments down below! What should I read next?!


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